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Product Communication Report 2022

Based on a survey of over 500 North American manufacturing professionals conducted in 2022, the Product Communication 2022 report reveals a wealth of information about a problem endemic in the manufacturing industries, described here as Product Communication Disorder. This is a company-wide problem whereby the sharing of knowledge essential to support the product throughout it’s lifecycle is fragmented and impaired, resulting in significant and unnecessary cost, delay and error. The report sheds light on the challenges manufacturers currently face creating, collaborating on, accessing, using, and maintaining essential product and process documentation. It also identifies the causes of these challenges, and the damaging downstream impacts which result when the problems go untreated. Get the report to understand:

  • The primary drivers of persistent bottlenecks in the creation and delivery of critical product and process documentation
  • The problems faced by workers in collaborating on documentation workflows
  • The biggest challenges associated with accessing and using documentation
  • How problems with documentation are intricately connected with company performance, leading to missed or delayed sales, avoidable product downtime, and more
  • How well companies understand their own problems and what they believe needs to be done
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