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About ThinkIQ

ThinkIQ is the leader in Transformational Intelligence for Manufacturers, contextualizing data — both in-plant and across your supply chain — to improve yield, safety, quality, and compliance. Simply put, actionable end-to-end data insights lead to safer products and improved key metrics. With ThinkIQ’s Transformational Intelligence platform, you’ll finally have a complete overview of all manufacturing operations. Changes in any variable are intelligently linked to both actual and predictive outcomes. This data may help one manufacturer avoid recalls from a temperature spike or assembly line slow down. It may help another manufacturer spot a weakness in their product that could become a major safety concern. And it may help another find that a small change in raw ingredients or suppliers can significantly increase their bottom line. We do this by transforming your process through the 5 steps required to reach Industry 4.0 Manufacturing (aka Smart Manufacturing): Data Capture; Visualization & Integration; Insight; Continuous Improvement; leading to fully autonomous Smart Manufacturing. At ThinkIQ, we don’t just gather data. We don’t just analyze data. We make sense of the data, and suggest actions that enhance safety, reliability, and efficiency. Contact us today to discuss the 5 stages of becoming an Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturer.